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Damaged blood vessels, spider veins, vascular issues and "red areas" can easily make someone feel self conscious or embarrassed of one's skin. Here at LaserDerm we have a minimally invasive laser called the VBeam®, which targets these red cells revealing more evenly toned skin.

What does the VBeam® target?

• Rosacea

• Vascular Issues

• Spider Veins

• Cherry Hemangiomas

What is the VBeam® Laser and how does it work?

The VBeam® laser gently heats the targeted red areas, which then absorb the light and heat. The blood in the targeted areas is heated, which then reduces the size of the capillaries and initiates new collagen production in that area. The Integrated Dynamic Cooling Device connected to the laser, emits a cool mist onto the skin milliseconds before each laser pulse allowing for increased comfort during treatment and minimizing the thermal effect on the superficial layers of the skin.

After Treatment

• Do not rub, scratch, or pick at the treated area if bruising/red discoloration(purpura) is present.

• Please call the office immediately if the area becomes tender, reddened, or shows signs of infection.

• Avoid swimming, contact sports, and hot tubs while redness or irritation subsides.

• Avoid rubbing or pressure (caused by clothing) on the treated areas.

• Wear loose-fitting clothing if your treated area is on a non- exposed area of the body.

• Avoid exposure to the sun. lf sun exposure is expected, apply an SPF 30 or higher sunblock to prevent pigmentation changes until the lesion is healed.

How to Care for the Treated Area:

• Apply ointment to the treated area several times a day as long as the bruising/red discoloration(purpura) is present OR if    there is no discoloration or scabbing, a moisturizer may be used daily.

• It is important to keep the area moist until healed.

• Showers are permitted, but gently pat the area dry.

• Do not rub with a towel or washcloth as the area is extremely delicate while the bruising/red discoloration(purpura) is present.

• If the legs are treated, avoid taking a bath during the first 48 hours as the intense heat may cause additional discomfort.

• Comfortably warm showers are recommended. Any discomfort you may have (usually not lasting more than a few hours, if any) can be relieved with acetaminophen(Tylenol).

• After the red discoloration disappears, hyper-pigmentation (brown coloring) or hypo-pigmentation (white) may be present for up to 3-5 months. This is rare but if it occurs, use an SPF 30 sunblock on the area until the normal color returns.

• Avoid contact sports during healing if any scabbing or crusting is present to prevent injury to the treated site.  

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the risks and side effects?

VBeam® is extremely safe with very little risk. Minor side effects may occur such as bruising and swelling, but this will subside quickly.

How can I prepare for my VBeam® treatment?

It's important to avoid sun exposure before your treatment. It's helpful to not wear any makeup on the area that will be treated. We will however, thoroughly cleanse the area before we treat it.

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• Broken Capillaries and blood vessels

• Scars

• Pigmented Lesions

• Stretch Marks


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