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IPL - Intense Pulse Light

IPL™ stands for Intense Pulse Light. At LaserDerm we use Elos™ IPL treatments to fade the appearance of skin imperfections such as rosacea, spider veins, and age spots. Elos™ is the first and only technology to use combined energies to effectively and gently restore the appearance of your skin. Not only will discoloration be lessened, but collagen and elastin will be stimulated for a younger, fresher appearance.

Here at LaserDerm, we use the Elos™ Plus machine to perform our IPL treatments. We believe the Elos™ is the best IPL system on the market and can help our patients achieve beautiful, flawless skin. The Elos™ uses short blasts of high intensity light to target problem areas. The high intensity light penetrates the skin and breaks down the discolored brown or red spots. The skin then heals revealing more evenly toned and plumper skin.

What does IPL treat?

    • Rosacea - A condition that causes redness and often small,

      red bumps on the face.

    • Pigmented Spots

    • Broken Capillaries (Broken Blood Vessels)

    • Sun Damage Spots

    • Age Spots

    • Spider Veins


After Treatment

After your treatment, you can resume your normal activities. It is normal for your face to be red for the first 24 hours, but this will gradually fade. It's important to avoid the sun for the first 24 hours and to continue to wear sunscreen.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect during my IPL treatment?

Our estheticians will tailor your IPL treatment to fit your skin needs. We take the time to talk with you and discuss your concerns and your "problem" areas. We will then cleanse your face and prepare your skin for your treatment. During your IPL treatment you may experience some discomfort and a little pain. Just know this part of the process and it means its working! We use our cooling device to help ease any pain or discomfort and to keep you comfortable.

What can I expect during my IPL treatment?

It really depends on your skin. LaserDerm is a patient centered medical spa and we tailor all of our treatments to fit you personally. Together we determine how many treatments you will need.

Generally, you will start to see skin improvement after the first one or two treatments. You will notice your pores shrinking, your skin color becoming more evenly toned, and less wrinkles and fine lines. Generally, it will take several treatments to achieve the results you want.

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